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Good Samaritan Lutheran Church
8425 W. Windmill Lane
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At the Las Vegas school, we have offered a wide variety of classes which have included Pre-School (ages 3-5), Kindergarten (ages 5-6) A1/A2 test pre (ages 7 and up), and an Adult class. Since transiency is a major factor in Las Vegas, these course offerings are dependent upon enrollment. We strive to adapt our offerings to the ages/abilities of our students on a year-by-year basis.

Our Teachers

Mark Svenson

Mark Svenson, our school director, grew up in suburban New York in a bilingual household. From childhood on, he spent many summers visiting Markhis German relatives in Europe. He has been teaching German in the Clark County School District since 1997. He has a BA and an MA in German from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, as well as a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from UNLV. This will be his third year teaching multiple levels at the Las Vegas school.


Louisa Louisa_dsHeske

Louisa is a native German who has lived half her life in Germany and the other half in Las Vegas. She has taught the Kindergarten group (ages 5-7) for the last 3 years. She has had lots of experience working with children in 3 different languages and 3 different countries. She has also had lots of experience tutoring kids of all ages. Her main goal is to influence each child in such a way that they will become a better-rounded individual.



Kelly Svenson

Kelly Svenson grew up in Los Angeles. She deveKelly Svenson_dsloped a love of German through her childhood piano teacher and went on to study it in high school and college. She has a BA in German from California State University, Northridge, an M.Ed in Education from UNLV, and an MS in Communication Disorders from Western Kentucky University. She has spent over a year and a half studying and working in Germany as well as teaching English in Japan for two years. She taught both German and Japanese for six years at the Las Vegas Academy before becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist for the Clark County School District. She has taught at our Las Vegas school for the past three years.



About Us

Multilingualism is the norm in most of the world and we believe that children who speak and write more than one language will be better prepared for life in the 21st century with its growing global economy. The best way to master another language is to start learning at an early age.

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