German Language Diploma holders honored at the Goethe Institut LA on September 10

Congratulations to All

12 Sep · Christine Reiff · No Comments

Last Saturday, September 10, was not only the first day of instruction for most GASA schools, but also the presentation of hard earned German Language Diplomas, graciously hosted by the Goethe Institut in Los Angeles. 36 students had passed the A2/B1 (DSD1) exam and 10 the B2/C1 (DSD2) this year.


18 of these students were present to receive their diplomas, with family and friends to applaud. Vice Consul Peter Schmitt and Dr. Vera Dindoyal, ZfA language advisor, shared the honor of presenting the students with their diplomas and a gift bag from the Consulate. Paul Gehringer, one of the first GASA students to achieve the DSD2 about 10 years ago, surprised us with a piano solo before everyone mingled in the main hall, enjoying the refreshments which were provided by the German Consulate. Thank you.


Level A2/B1 of the Deutsche Sprachdiplom (DSD I), German Language Diploma, is considered as proof that the student has reached a level of ability in German that is required for entry to a Studienkolleg (Preparatory College) in Germany. Level B2/C1 of the Deutsche Sprachdiplom  (DSD II) is considered proof that the graduates have reached a language level in German that is required to be able to directly start a study at a university in Germany. In order to start studying in Germany, students may need to fulfill additional requirements beyond language competencies which can be researched in the official database ANABIN.


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