Youth Debate 2021

Virtually on May 20th

Youth Debate

Congratulations to Mateo Haas from our Northridge school who finished 6th
in the competition

On May 20., 2021, the regional final of Youth Debate West and East took place in the USA.

Youth debated for 20 years, but only since last year in the US. Mateo Haas, student of GASA Northridge finished 6th in voice group A. Students from USA, Canada and Mexico were there. There were 28 students in the East Regional Finals and 37 in the West Regional Finals. Headmaster and teacher of GASA Northridge, Ms. Martina Tassius, already participated in teacher base training last year, just in time before the pandemic. Now of course, the whole thing could only happen virtually. Over 10 weeks, under the leadership of Ms. Maiss-Minkler (ZfA) and Mr. Ingo Matthias (ZfA), the students were prepared for the regional finals. The students learned to formulate their thoughts and ideas. To develop and present a well-worked speech. Attentively listening to others. Doing research on controversial topics. And above all, to debate fairly and convincingly. Youth debates, makes shy students more confident, helps them with certainty in life, with job interviews and also with the passing of the German diplomas, because everything is united here, orally and in writing. Students enjoy it and they have influence in choosing subjects. Youth debated has a long tradition and prestige in Germany and will now have it in the USA. Thanks to the excellent expert advisors of the ZfA. The preparation of the students was completely free of charge, free German lessons so to speak. Class was perfectly prepared and good. GASA Northridge will continue to offer youth debates, if you feel like debating, please reach out. For more information, visit For the first time in 20 years on May 20-21, 2020 the regional finals of west and east Jugend Debattiert; a youth debate competition, was held in the USA. Mateo Haas, a “speech group A” student at GASA Northridge ranked an outstanding 6th place. The competition consisted of students from the US, Mexico, and Canada. A total of 28 from the east region, and 37 from the west. Martina Tassius, Director and Teacher at GASA Northridge, took a base training in order to properly prepare and educate her students wanting to compete in Jugend Debattiert. Luckily she was able to complete her training right before the spread of COVID-19. As a result of the pandemic the finals had to be held virtually. Under the direction of Mrs. Maiss-Minkler (ZfA) and Mr. Ingo Matthias (ZfA) the students spent 10 weeks in preparation for “Jugend Debattiert”. They were taught to formulate and define their thoughts in a clear and concise manner. Listen and absorb new information, research controversial subjects. And, most importantly, to debate in a fair and convincing manner. Jugend Debattiert, teaches reluctant students to gain self-confidence, prepare for future job interviews and many other life experiences. Jugend Debattiert is a competition where everyone wins. The youth debates community has been growing for twenty years. In Germany, around 200,000 pupils and 7,500 teachers from 1,400 schools take part. And German learners in over 30 countries – in Europe, Asia, South and North America. A highly recognized community in Germany will also achieve the same respect in the USA. Solely, due to our excellent consultants at the ZfA. A lesson to take with you, straight from Jugend debattiert, debate makes the difference: think clearly, argue fairly. GASA Northridge will continue offering preparation for Jugend Debattiert. For more information please visit our website

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