This guide explains how to create and update the web page of a particular GASA school.

Logging In

If you intend to contribute to the GASA web site, you are either a school director, a teacher, or a GASA administrator. All GASA school directors, teachers, and administrators have an account and need to first log in at


  • Click on blue button labeled ‘Login with Google’ (ignore Username, Password and Log In form)
  • User is redirected to the Google Mail login of our domain
  • Your email is
  • If you forgot your password contact or

Different Levels of Contributors

School directors have the role of an author. This is someone who can post, edit, and publish content. All teachers have the role of a contributors, someone who can post and edit, but not publish. The publishing step has to be done by the school director. GASA board members have the editor role, which comprises all of the above and on somebody else’s behalf. They can edit, e.g. spell check, the pages of others.

Updating your School’s Page

Each GASA school has a main page. Below are the links to edit and view the page. It is recommended to keep two browser tabs or windows open for editing and viewing, respectively.

Please only post on your school’s page.


Posting News about your School

Login in at (see above)  and navigate to
Posts / Add New


This will open a form (page with text fields to fill out) where you can enter news about your school, like so:


Write a blog post about something on this page. On top is a one line entry box for the title. The large text area in the center is for entry of rich text (there are buttons above it that mimic Microsoft Word formatting features). Very important: checkmark the category with the name of your school, see lower right ellipsis. This make sure your blog post is filtered on your school’s home page. Lastly press the Publish button (red arrow).

Each school page has a section with news about that school near the top, see next screenshot for Santa Monica for example:


There will be 3 news preview tabs (in orange) showing news (blog posts) that are filtered by category ‘Santa Monica’. The same news preview will also be shown on the GASA home page (index), among news from all other schools and global news from GASA. This is the way to have news specific to a school, but also shared at the global level.





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