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Martina Tassius                                        

Martina Tassius was born and raised in a little town near Kassel, Germany called Korbach where she lived for the first 30 years of her life. Martina received a Business Degree in Banking from IHK in Kassel. In 1996, she worked as an official German Language Agent for the Olympic Games (ACOG) in Atlanta, GA after passing the German Exam at Georgia State University. Martina has always kept her connection to Germany, both culturally and linguistically. She has been working for the German Consulate in Los Angeles since 2000 and teaching German since 1998 for GASA. Additionally, she has been the director of the Encino and Northridge GASA locations and has since created a very successful Adult Class. She has a daughter who attended GASA since she was 3 years old and who has passed the German AP test with high marks. Martina has been very happy with the education her daughter has received through GASA and it has been nothing but a pleasure for Martina being a teacher and director for GASA.

Ralph Leitzgen

Ralph Leitzgen was born and raised in Germany. Before entering College, he wanted to see a bit of the world, came to California and loved it here. He built up a business, achieved a BFA from Cal Arts and is married with two boys. He speaks only German with his children and has seen how learning a second language and getting to know another culture has expanded their ability to learn and their horizon. This is his motivation to teach at the school.

Tamara Zetsche

Tamara Zetsche was born and raised in a multicultural German, Chilean and Russian community in Santiago, Chile. She graduated from Deutsche Schule zu Santiago with a German Sprachdiplom, studied Physical Therapy at Universidad de Chile and moved to the US in 1978 where she has practiced Physical Therapy since. Her two sons, Pedro and Walter completed the German Saturday program at the German School in Northridge. Tamara began her teaching carrier in 2003 by assisting Luise Strauss in the Kindergarten Class and then taking her class over in 2006.

Gertrude Kruchen

Gertrud Kruchen was born and raised in Germany. Educated as a Sparkassenkaufmann.  Moved to California and worked in the international banking industry while finishing her BA in Business Finance at Cal. State Northridge. Got married and had a daughter. Continued her education to receive her credentials in Elementary and Secondary Education.  Teaching German at Venice High School for 14 years.  Taught German at the Saturday School, while her daughter attended the school.  Currently, she is a Language Coordinator / teacher at Goethe International Charter School, while teaching the adult class on Saturdays.


Herr Leitzgen, Frau Zetsche, Frau Tassius, Frau Kruchen

Youth Debate

On May 20., 2021, the regional final of Youth Debate West and East took place in the USA.

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Zauberhaftes Abschlussfest der Deutschen Schule Northridge

Am 14. Mai 2016 feierte die Deutsche Samstagsschule in Northridge ihr Abschlussfest. In der Aula waren alle Tische rot, schwarz und gold gedeckt. Es gab leckere deutsche aber auch internationale Gerichte, wie zum Beispiel, iranischer Kartoffelsalat und koreanisches Hühnchen. Die Kleinsten der Kleinen aus Frau Zetsches Klasse trugen ein nettes Gedicht über die deutsche Flagge ...

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Multilingualism is the norm in most of the world and we believe that children who speak and write more than one language will be better prepared for life in the 21st century with its growing global economy. The best way to master another language is to start learning at an early age.

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GASA admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.